Teleseminar on Powerful Mantra Work: The Daimoku Namu Myohou Renge Kyo

Tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM (US Eastern Standard Time) I will be doing a free teleseminar on the Mantra Namu Myohou Renge Kyo. You can easily join the free teleseminar by calling (712) 432-1212 and using the access code 767-766-156. You will be able to e-mail me questions at or Tweet questions to @readingsbyniall during the teleconference. The seminar will last about 40 minutes and there will be a ten minute group chanting and healing session at the end of the Teleseminar. I will take healing requests from five participants and will address them at the end of the teleconference.
Many people are familiar with the chant Namu Myohou Renge Kyo through the propagation efforts of various Buddhist organizations. New Agers have also used this mantra for the past forty years of so. I have been practicing Japanese Buddhism for many years and studied with some amazing masters over the past decade in Japan. I am not a member of any organization that propagates Namu Myohou Renge Kyo and I will not be talking about the mantra work from a religious perspective tomorrow, but will be speaking about the internal meaning of the mantra and how it can be applied from a secular perspective to help develop your intuition, heal what needs to be healed and improve your different aspects of your life. You do not need to be a Buddhist or to join any Buddhist group to begin chanting this mantra.
The main point of Namu Myohou Renge Kyo is that we connect with the dynamic consciousness of the universe on a regular basis. Dynamic consciousness is our original nature. In the Buddhist scriptures this dynamic consciousness is called Original Enlightenment or Hongaku. Namu Myohou Renge Kyo is a distillation of all of the Buddhist scriptures into a single phrase that expresses our true nature as being one in the same as the nature of Original Enlightenment.
There are many benefits to chanting Namu Myohou Renge Kyo including dissolving of the blocks associated with the chakras, inspiring new thought and behavioral patterns, and gifts of expansive energy, increased intuition and healing. There have also been many reports of material manifestations from those who chant the mantra. If you persist in the practice of reciting this mantra what will happen is that you will come into regular contact with your own enlightened nature and will learn intuitive ways to apply your enlightenment in the world. One other major benefit of chanting the mantra is that you will learn new ways to teach others at all levels of intelligence, class, education, ability and influence about their own enlightened nature and will empower them to apply their enlightened natures to their work in the world, helping them to transform their lives, families and communities.
Namu Myohou Renge Kyo is a mantra of engagement in the world and it can greatly enhance our psychic abilities to help us find solutions to our issues so that we can operate in the world in the most effective ways possible. Chanting this mantra regularly will help you to improve your interpersonal relationships, improve your business ventures and will help you to become more resolute and self-confident. If you are engaged in the fields of politics, medicine, or engineering chanting this mantra will help you to come up with innovative new ideas and new ways of presenting your thoughts to the public.
There is no special empowerment needed with this mantra, however it is good to master the correct pronunciation for added benefit. I am fluent in Japanese and will teach you the correct pronunciation of the mantra. I will also be teaching you traditional Japanese meditations and practices associated with the mantra.
If you are interested call (712) 432-1212 and using the access code 767-766-156. The more people who join the more powerful the healing effect will be. I have some very highly developed people with amazing spiritual gifts joining my Teleconferences. One friend who joins, and who chooses to remain anonymous, has the spiritual gift of raising everyone’s vibrational level to a higher level than they had ever been in the past. Everyone has a unique spiritual gift and when we all join together we create an amazing spiritual force field that will help transform our lives, our communities and our worlds.

Be at peace and transform your world…


What’s Holding You Back May Not Be You

The Limits of Personal Success

I’m a big fan of personal development. I make my living as a psychic, which is an offbeat brand of personal development professional. In my sessions with clients I often psychically see people entering into successful roles in life or assuming greater amounts or wealth, power, and status. What sometimes happens to my clients is that their true potentials are not fully realized to the level that I saw in the psychic prediction. It’s not that the prediction I made was incorrect, but that the predictions may have been picking up too rosy a picture based on the individual’s desires and for my focus on them as individuals. One culturally engrained roadblock psychic readings share with all Western metaphysical disciplines (Tarot, Runes and Western Astrology) is that they all too often focus on an individual operating in the world as a heroic figure. The “fate” of the individual as it is conditioned by the fate of other characters surrounding that individual is often not considered. I see people interacting with people in my readings all of the time, however, I always see my clients as the focal point to those interactions.
This post is not about “Inner Roadblocks” preventing someone from achieving their potential, but circumstantial roadblocks, issues related to family lineage, and social circumstances that prevent us from achieving our goals. It’s basically about Karma and how to change it by empowering others. This point of view is informed by Eastern spirituality and is a good compliment to Western approaches to the unconscious.

I am a Westerner and am very much conditioned by a Western Judeo-Christian psyche. Even after having spent many years living in Asia and countless years studying, learning and exploring Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and Shamanic traditions I am ultimately a Westerner with a Western world view. My years in Asia shaped me and my worldview, however they did not fundamentally change who I am.
After having lived in Japan for a four year stint I retained some Japanese views on the world, however, I never fully became Japanese. When I travel back to Japan today I experience a great familiarity with the country and the culture and almost feel that a part of me knows how to operate in Japan, but that I remain a Westerner. In order to live in New York City as a Western man I need to operate within certain cultural codes, just as I would if I were going to live in Africa or Europe. If I moved to Nigeria I would be a Westerner who adapts to a set of cultural codes and in the process of adapting I would learn a lot about myself through learning how to adapt to a new culture.
As an intuitive operating out of this framework as a Westerner I tend to view my clients as individual heroes on their journeys. I see them meeting the loves of their lives, their successes and failures, and see them achieving their dreams. When I see clients in difficult situations I look for solutions for them to seek out. I never questioned the nature of these services or the nature of seeing heroes on their journeys until I recently hit a wall in my spiritual practice. As I searched for an answer I came to realize that the only way to break through that wall would be to raise the energetic level of the people around me. I was always aware of this idea, but I had always considered helping people directly to be the greatest way to help another individual and to help myself. I still believe that to be true and I am adding a new aspect to my practice of helping others.
I used to believe that by helping others that I would help myself and thus I entered into a helping/healing profession and worked with undeserved populations. I did this while subscribing to the idea that I was “the sum of the five people I spend the most time with.” This idea, brandied about the American success literature serves as a motivator for people to make better friends. The dark side of this ideology is that the people one is currently surrounded by are not good enough. I myself often deal with the desire of wanting to help the poor, but wanting to play with the rich. Many people share this same unconscious struggle, particularly those of us who use success literature to come to a better understanding of how to improve our lives.
The well edited versions of success literature authors lives is not real life. In real life we have friends who need help, cousins down on their luck, sick parents, handicapped brothers and sisters, an uncle with a drinking problem and a neighbor who plays his music too loud at night. One danger those who immerse themselves too deeply in success literature face is to begin to resent those people who are around them NOW in favor of idealized people who are all on the up and up. People they imagine they WILL BE spending their time with at Burning Man or in Buenos Aires.

Karma and the Limits of the Hero’s Journey

While we in the West tend to see ourselves as individuals with big dreams who forge our own paths we are conditioned by the people around us. I have found that there are just some people who I’m deeply connected to and whose fate is tied to mine. People who I always find and who always find me time and time again. There are also family members with whom I share Karma of some sort. I am finding my hero’s journey is conditioned by destiny of others as much as it is by my own destiny. One pattern that I’ve followed on this personal journey is that I’ve tried to help people as a healer, teacher, counselor and healthcare professional and forgot to try to raise the energetic level of those immediately around me. As I saw it, my friends and family had their destinies and I had mine, and it was my destiny to heroically go into the world and save people from themselves and that it was not my business to interfere with the destinies of my friends or families.
I recently began a series of very powerful spiritual activities and found that as Karma was being cleared for me miracles were happening the in lives of those around me. What I began to notice is that I am very deeply Karmically connected to about ten people, as far as I can see it now, and that it is in my best interest to make sure that those people are successful. I came to understand that these individuals’ successes is a part of my own success and that the ten of us caught in a kind of Karmic Gestalt together and that we can all lift each other up and/or bring each other down.
I don’t believe that there is a weak link in the Gestalt, but do believe that some of us carry a heavier load than others some of the time. I have come to realize that it’s not important if these ten people ever come into the same room together, and it is unlikely that they ever will. What is important is that I constantly want the best for, bless and pray for these ten people around me, knowing that when I pray for them their lives improve and that the lives of the ten people around them improves creating an exponential chain of positive transformation in both myself and the world.
It is now my practice to pray sincerely for these individuals as I recognize that praying for them and their interests is a self interested act. I see those ten people as succeeding in life. I imagine myself meeting them in the future as highly successful individuals living their dreams fulfilled, and imagine them as being happy. I will include these individuals in my private full moon ceremonies and I will buy them spiritual items to put in their home in order to change their fate and Karma. I will also raise these individuals up energetically by praying for them and sending them constant healings without telling them. I do this because I know that in doing so I am increasing the benefit not only to them, but to myself as well.
I will talk more about different practices that can benefit others in a blog post later this week. For now try blessing others remotely before you carry through on the impulse to “help” them directly. One thing you can do is imagine meeting a person after he has achieved his or her goal and really feeling good for the person. This is a way to bless the other person and to protect yourself from over helping. This practice alone will increase the limits of your personal success and will change the landscape of your hero’s journey.

Be bold, be brave, empower others…

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Joan Rivers and Me!

 Joan Rivers Was My Role Model

I have not really followed Joan Rivers over the years, but generally enjoyed seeing her on television. I liked her power, strength, honesty and that indefatigable Yiddish quality of Chutzpah that she embodied. My favorite Joan Rivers moment was in the movie Space Balls where she was the robot who kvetched her way through the desert. If I were a robot forced to walk through the wilderness I certainly would have done the same, but I always identified with C3PO and not R2D2.

      I went to Catholic school and on the first Friday of each month the entire school would trek over to the school’s church and attend mass. I forget the ecclesiastical meaning behind this convention. All I can remember is several hundred awkward children in ill fitting maroon and grey uniforms counting the seconds away as the priest gave his sermon.

      On one particular day the Monsignor of the church gave a sermon, not from the pulpit, but in the congregation. He carried a microphone with him and ran the service like a talk show host. The Monsignor happened to look a lot like Phil Donahue. The topic of the day was role models and he asked us to volunteer who our role models were. My hand shot up, not because I had any idea who my role model was at the time, but because I wanted to be a part of the mock talk show. The pastor walked around the congregation gathering names of role models; Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, President Bush, Ronald Regan, Tom Cruise, Mother, Father.

The pastor pointed his microphone to me and said, “And who is your role model?” I paused for a second and without knowing what to say saw the image of Joan Rivers clad in highly polished brass hobbling across the dessert kvetching about sand and said, “Joan Rivers.” The pastor stood aback and said, “Joan Rivers?” I responded, “Yes, Joan Rivers.” The Monsignor tilted back and said, “well, OK.” There was laughter from the adults in the audience. Thus began my life as a Clairvoyant! Thus also began some serious bullying.
I never fully understood why Joan Rivers was the name that came to me that day, though I have often thought it strange that I said that particular name out of all the names in the world. As an adult who has done extensive work and training in healing, spirituality and meditation I understand the process of how Joan Rivers came out as an image, which I will explain below. I have not done any research on Joan Rivers since her death and will not until I can unpack what message was behind her as my role model.

Without doing deep intuitive work I believe that Joan Rivers was and is my role model because she tells it like it is, makes no excuses, doesn’t take no for an answer, is not afraid of who she is, and is not afraid to fly in the face of conventions while operating safely within social conventions. Joan Rivers called it like it is and told someone when what they were wearing looked ridiculous or pointed out if someone was acting ridiculous.

Finding Role Models, Spirit Guides, and Gurus

        People often ask me to help them find their spirit guides and while some people have very clear spirit guides most have very amorphous ideas that point to who their guides might be. I have one guide with a partial name who has helped me for years and who has lead me to become aware of other guides. My relationship with this guide is significant even though the identity is not fully revealed to me. Spirit guides may be in forms that you are completely unaware of. Don’t sell yourself short of going with the first impression of a spirit guide particularly if the guide is a very popular one. If you’ve read my articles on Remote Viewing you will know that the actually target objects are “beyond” the immediate psychic space, sometimes called analytical overlay or cognitive interference. The same is true of your spirit guides.
In developing a new intuitive skill, ability or working with a new modality you will almost always be flooded with analytical overlay. Your subconscious mind is not used to a new technique and is not going to accept it, no matter how highly developed your other intuitive faculties are. If you are an adept intuitive you have trained your subconscious to accept other modalities as ok, but that does not mean that it is going to automatically accept similar concepts or techniques. When you look for a spirit guide your subconscious mind is going to say automatically, “Oh, I know who your guide is, its Napoleon. Napoleon is there for you and guides you, know that this is true my child.”
When you get a very clear message like that, don’t dismiss it. There very well might be something to it.  The problem is generally the content of the message, but how quickly it’s delivered.  What you want to do is keep coming back to the idea that you have guides who can help you. Keep revisiting it. You may also want to exhaust your subconscious mind by asking that question and engaging in an activity. Go to a gym and work out hard with the question in mind, meditate longer than you are used to meditating, take the evening off and just keep on revisiting the question, or take a walk in the mountains with the question in mind. It would be better that you do something that you’re not used to doing. For me meditation is not a challenge, but going to the gym is. Know yourself and what challenges you.
If you intentionally engage in an activity to keep your subconscious busy your guides’ names, qualities and gifts will naturally emerge. Take notes and if the names are clear then work more with those guides. Trust the process and know that you will be safe.
Joan Rivers came to me as a guide because I did not have time to think and I acted out of a deeply intuitive place. After almost twenty years the school is no longer operating, the Monsignor is no longer a pastor at that parish, the laughing adults are gone, and the bullies have vanished. What remains is the memory of Joan Rivers as one of my role models. In the wake of her recent death I am reminded of her, of the messages she conveyed through living her life authentically and the lessons I have yet learn by working with her as a role model.

RIP Joan Rivers!
You’ve inspired us all to be who we want to be and not to make excuses.


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Make Magic Happen Slowly!

Magic is In Your Hands

    I’m not talking about Magic as the sleight of hand tricks that magicians play in front of audiences. There are some magicians who apparently learn formula to make them appear psychic. This is all very interesting, however I am referring to the more formal schools of Magic or Magick where one effects change in the world through the manipulation of physical elements in order to bring about a desired effect. A very simple form of this is burning candles in order to help certain problems melt away in one’s life.

Here is the simple formula:

Manipulation: Starting a fire.

Physical Elements: Wax; Wick; essential oils, etc.

Desired Effect: Have a problem or problems melt away.

       Most magic or magick follows this basic formula, even the most complicated forms of it. Hindu ceremony exemplifies some of the most complex complicated forms of magic with special spells (mantras), images (yantras), and the effecting of specific hand and body postures (mudras) all executed with extreme formulaic precision so as to appear like a well-coordinated symphony orchestra. The effect these rituals have on participants is real in terms of the emotions it conjures up as well as the effect it has on the participants’ realities. I am a frequent participant in Hindu rituals in the New York area and order certain special ceremonies from India in order to effect positive change in my life or to remove obstacles in my Jyotish Astrological chart (Hindu Astrology). The effects are always very real and I have experienced physical, mental and spiritual miracles around these ceremonies.

        One issue I had for years in my own development was that I was always attending elaborate ceremonies performed by either Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist or Shinto masters and I felt that I would have to master any one of those traditions in order to begin practicing magic. Somehow I bypassed being a Wiccan or Tarot reader in my teens and early twenties and focused on Buddhism, Tantra, Shinto and Hinduism. I even moved to Japan for five years to learn about Buddhism and Shinto. There is nothing I regret about my journey.

       One conclusion I have come to as a result of the journey thus far is that I don’t need complicated ceremony to effect real change in the world and that it is not reasonable to master a tradition before one starts practicing it to bring about positive change in ones’ life.

Exacting Ritual

      When I was studying with Tantric Buddhist masters at major temples in Japan I was told that I needed the leaves of a certain tree in order to perform the fire ceremony, that the wood had to come from a specific tree that grew on a specific mountain. That wood dried for a number of years, marked for the tantric practitioners, was delivered by one supplier, and was very expensive. I spent many months cutting that wood in a very specific way and had to arrange the wood in a very specific way before the fire ceremony began. One time, myself and three other acolytes sat around for three or four hours checking and rechecking that these sticks of wood were aligned in the proper way so that they would be offered in the correct manner for the ceremony.

    My exacting study of ritual preparation in Japan was a very good experience for me and helped me to refine aspects of my consciousness and my respect for ceremony and ritual. It also made me insecure and neurotic about practicing magic or ceremony in any form without making mistakes or being cursed. I got over this eventually and began to realize that in order to effect change through magic that I would have to start small and simple. I had some help from Japanese Buddhist friends who came from temples with small budgets who had do perform rituals by improvising parts of the rituals, substituting the materials used, and altering the length of the ritual by cutting some parts out. At the endo of the day their versions of the rituals worked just as well as the spectacular high budget productions.

    I am grateful for the experience of knowing what a high level, high production magic ritual is and how to begin to produce one, however I am equally grateful to my experience in attending rituals that are more realistic for me to perform in my daily life or on special occasions.

Begin Practicing Unfettered Magic

     One of the goals of all spiritual practice is to become completely unfettered of all concepts, of identity, and of “norms” and to do so in a way that doesn’t harm others and that is oriented at teaching others how to do the same. It’s that simple.

    Magic is an expression of spirituality and if you start the practice off without the bonds of anxiety doubting if it works or not you will see the positive changes begin to occur in your life as a result of magic.

    Magic can be done using construction paper, glue and pictures from magazines. You can offer fruit to the earth or pour a bottle of wine onto the earth as an offering while chanting your favorite prayer. My psychic mentor Laura Day carves images into candles while imagining her reality transforming and then burns the candles in order to help melt the obstacles to the transformation away. All of these are valid expressions of magic. I will be sharing more with you in my next blog post. In the meantime try creating your own magic rituals and share them with me on Twitter or e-mail them to me at

  You are your own master, magus, and teacher. Know this always.



Three Qualities of Accurate Remote Viewing Hits

Remote Viewing for the Timid

      Remote Viewing is one area of psychic work that comes with a lot of questions and elicits a lot of anxiety on the part of many psychics, particularly mediums, in that it is the practice of viewing an object from a detached place. Mediums can become attached to the objects they interact with and may even allow the “targets” to enter into their bodies. I am a natural medium and have extensive experience with mediumship including shamanistic and spiritual practices that share traits with mediumship. At first remote viewing really bored me and made me uncomfortable. During a workshop once Laura Day told me that because I am a natural medium I want to “be” rather than “see”. I began to notice that in my readings I was basing most of my information on “feeling” and often did not see the practical realities that the feelings impacted. When I noticed the deficiency in my own readings I began taking RV seriously in order to become a better reader. I am now an avid practitioner of the psychic art and it has vastly improved my mediumship and healing abilities.

      When you first enter remote viewing you may become confused by mental images that jump into your mind and might experience mental overload.
The practice of RV, more than any other psychic practice, will allow the practitioner to observe the nature of the mind in the way that a mediator would.  RV might even enhance a meditation practice. I have heard and read that once the highest stages of meditation are achieved the  meditator naturally acquires the ability to accurately remote view.

      One insight that meditators and remote viewers share that the untrained mind is full of a lot of “stuff”. When one enters meditation or RV for the first time it is likely that this “stuff” will show up during the sessions.
Over the course of time one will begin to realize that there is a difference between RV hits and junk information or “stuff”, more formally called Analytical Overlay (AOL). The following are a few clues on how to distinguish hits from the AOL or cognitive interference.

Three Qualities of Remote Viewing Hits

1) Geometricity: When you begin remote viewing start by having friends chose objects. Ask them to put a random object in a box and later when the RV session is over they can send you a picture of the object. Remote viewing hits, especially in the early practice stages will generally have clearly defined geometric forms. Clear circles, triangles, squares, or parabolas will be rather good indicators of a hit, as will lines, slopes, edges.

2) Shading: Notice any light areas and dark areas. Many RV targets have lighter areas and darker areas. If you are tracing an object (highly recommended) trace the light and dark areas. You’ll be glad you did.

3) Distance: RV hits, in my experience, are “beyond” a certain area of my field of vision. They are beyond an area of mental projection and they tend to feel still, even if they are moving. RV hits have no frenetic energy surrounding them and tend to be still objects in the distance. Some remote viewing objects have movement, but the movement tends not to be frenetic. The movement can be seen clearly and beyond any fast moving energy.

See and observe the world around you…


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What Not to Remote View: Advice for Beginners

     Join Me in the Remote Viewing Kiddie Pool

       Remote viewing is an amazing psychic practice that can yield highly accurate and surprising results. RV is also beneficial as a cognitive practice and can possibly help deepen a person’s meditation practice. I recommend that anyone who wants to make their mind sharper and thinking clearer practice remote viewing.
There are some warnings that I have come up with for RV so that you don’t fall into a hole and wind up giving up the practice. I have decided to discuss what not to view in this blog. Please keep in mind that I am a student of Laura Day’s and for the most part practice intuition for practical reasons and do most of my consultations focusing on client’s practical issues. Therefore I am going to recommend that you remote view issues, places and things that have real practical value in your life. I will also caution that you should practice this particular skill for the sake of practicing in order to make sure that you have a stable RV practice.
I am writing this blog post because I have seen a number of people mistakenly begin remote viewing by jumping into the deep end wanting to view hidden treasures, discover the answers to the world’s great hidden secrets, and find out who really shot JR, who killed Laura Palmer, or to see the final episode of Breaking Bad. This approach is, in my opinion, greatly mistaken, can lead to delusional thinking, can cause paranoia, and should only be taken when one has enough mental resolve to deal with the repercussions of actually seeing highly secretive or traumatic events. Seeing complex events should also only be approached when one’s remote viewing is stable. Give it at least a year before viewing moderately complicated situations.
If you are beginning remote viewing and insist on seeing highly complicated or traumatic events please ask yourself why do are doing so. More likely it is for neurotic reasons than practical reasons.Are you looking to prove a theory you have and prove to your community your special abilities? Do you want to prove to the world that you are a big deal psychic? Do you want to make a lot of money from your psychic abilities by contracting for the government or for corporations? If you answer yes to any one of these question then most likely you are pursuing RV for neurotic goals.

It is very much possible to become a top notch remote viewer with corporate clients who are willing to pay you massive amounts of money for accurate hits. It is also possible to become a celebrity psychic. However, such successes in the psychic world are born from practice, consistency, hard work, business savvy, and community building. It doesn’t happen overnight. Also any psychic worth their salt will practice ethically and knows that their reputation is on the line when they make a public prediction. That psychic also knows that she puts her students and fans at risk for criticism when she makes a prediction in public. Top psychics will exercise caution, whereas newbie RVers may not be so careful, because their reputation is not on the line.

Please enjoy learning this technique, start small and simple, working your way up from simple situations and objects to more complicated ones over a period of months or years. There is no rush and with consistent practice you will become a world class remote viewer.

5 Remote Viewing Targets Beginners Should Avoid

1) Missing Airplanes: The recent tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines crash caused a flurry of RV people to “remote view” the plane. It also brought out of the wood work thousands of conspiracy theories about where the plane actually was located. It is NOT a good idea for most remote viewers. I believe in this position very strongly. If you are good enough of a remote viewer that you are on the public radar someone would have paid you to make a prediction about the plane or any other major world event. If you are just predicting where the plane is based on a desire to show off psychic abilities or to confirm a theory then you are most likely pursuing neurotic goals.
The other issue with remote viewing any item that is in the news is that the issue is already charged with lots of information and energy and if you are remote viewing in reaction to a news item and you have an opinion on the issue it is probably best not to remote view the situation. This will require a degree of honesty and self insight to know that you are not pursuing neurotic goals.

2) Crime Scenes: Just as with the situation above, unless the crime directly affects you and your well being or you are being paid by law enforcement authorities there is probably no good reason to remote view a crime scene. Unless you have a strong law enforcement background you probably won’t understand what you are seeing and may become highly disturbed by what you are seeing.

3) Anything Military Related: It is no secret that RV was perfected by the US military. Military RVers were trained to see specific targets and were blind as to the meaning of the targets. If you are choosing to see certain targets you probably have some “meaning filled” reason for viewing the targets. Again ask yourself if the why behind your choosing to remote viewing those targets.

4) Atlantis or Distant Planets: Technically there is nothing wrong with wanting to see Atlantis or some far off distant planet, the problem is that it will be very difficult to get an accurate sense of what you are seeing or to get verifiable hits. If you want to visit Atlantis or another galaxy its best to join a group of people who are engaged in a serious practice of Astral Projection. Again, there is nothing wrong with this practice, however, as a beginner it might lead to more confusion than clarity and may cause you to lose confidence in Remote Viewing.

5) Anything that Provokes Anger, Fear or Anxiety: NO NEW DAMAGE! If you are angry with someone please do not remote view them. If you are anxious about something or someone, don’t RV. I’m speaking from personal experience.

If it is a person you are viewing who happens to be spiritual or psychic they may sense that they are being remote viewed by you and may shut you out, cutting off your remote viewing for the session. Most likely, however, your RV session will be highly enmeshed and attached and you won’t get accurate hits. If you do chose to view someone you’re angry with notice if you get many hits. If you notice that you get a lot of hits quickly then you can pretty much be sure that you are experiencing Analytical Overlay (AOL). You may want to try this as a quick exercise to get a sense of what AOL feels like. When you worry about something thoughts come at you quickly. AOL is very similar. Anyone who meditates will know what the mind can do and will be more aware of how to label the analytical mind. The same process happens with RV that happens in meditation, the only difference is the object being “viewed”.

Be seeing you…


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What Should I Remote View? Five Ideas for Remote Viewing Practice

Practice Remote Viewing
I am a member of the New York Remote Viewing Practice Group ( We meet monthly to practice remote viewing and have a great time doing it. Jon Noble is objective and effective teacher who has a good sense of group dynamics and who understands many different perspectives on remote viewing. All in the NY area who are interested in remote viewing should try to attend.
Remote viewing is a very basic intuitive ability that everyone serious about psychic work should be practicing. The major issue with remote viewing for most psychic students is that it can take a lot of practice to obtain accurate, usable information that is marketable. Remote viewing is one skill that lends itself to a lot of cognitive interference. When one begins remote viewing a place or a situation very clear words or images tend to pop up right away. There is a possibility that these words are the actual targets being viewed, however, it is more likely Analytical Overlay (AOL) then the actual target being viewed.
When I remote view nowadays I “look” beyond the AOL to a particular spot in my field of vision where I begin to see traces of images. I have a lot of experience with RV and am able to do this quite naturally now. No matter how experienced I am I still get flooded with AOL when I begin a RV session. Its a natural thing to be flooded with the AOL, but with experience one learns to get beyond it. The only way to effectively get used to looking beyond AOL is to practice RV at least once a month, but preferably once a week.
What to View

The best way to practice RV is to use a target list, like the one available on the NY practice group’s website (link above). Once you’ve exhausted those lists, ask friends to select photos and to put them aside for you to view. When you have finished the session you can compare your session’s results with the actual photo. This is very easy with all of the digital technology available. The following is a list of things to view. Remember that you want to be as blind as possible to what you are viewing. Over time you will develop effective strategies for RV. Have fun and experiment a lot in the meantime.

1) Food: RVing food is an excellent practice. Chose items for others and have friends chose items that have both simple and complex taste palates. When you are doing an RV session you should always ask yourself if the place or object has a specific taste, touch, smell or density.

2) Cards: RV Tarot Cards. I have several decks of Tarot Cards, all with wildly different art, associations and archetypal characters. Set a task to have a friend randomly select a Tarot Card and begin your session. Try having your friend or yourself select one card from three different decks. You shuffle the decks close your eyes, move the decks around and then select a card. Once the card is selected you can place the card in an envelope. NO PEAKING at the back of the card as it might add more AOL to your session.

3) Places: Have a friend set targets for you. You will find that it is best to get an RV partner to work with. Go to Google and select many images to place into a RV target file. Be sure to include lots of famous places such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Great Wall of China and Mt. Fuji. The reason that all of these places are good to view is because they are often easily viewed because of their very definite geometric patterns. Do not select places like fields or barren deserts for beginning exercises. It will lead to very frustrating results and will most likely cause newbies to give up on RV.

4) Rooms: Select rooms with consistent interior decorating. The decor can be as beautiful or as drab as possible, but the idea is that they are consistent. Don’t start by remote viewing places that have a variety of decor in one room. The object of practicing RV is that you get a lot of accurate hits. If you are RVing a room with a lot of different styles there is no grantee that you are actually getting accurate accurate hits and not getting random inaccurate information.

5) Objects: Select objects such as balls, boxes and other objects with clear shapes. Part of the remote viewing will be the color and weight of the objects, any patterns on the objects, and the texture of the objects. When remote viewing ask for very specific qualities of the objects being viewed. You will be surprised by what you view.

Practice remote viewing often and be sure to set yourself and your partners realistic objects to view. I will write in another blog qualities of remote viewing hits and what not to remote view.

See you next time…


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